How To Clean a Mountain Bike – A Complete Guide

How to clean a mountain bike

Mountain bikes have wide bumpy tires, smooth handlebars, and narrow dirt lines for riding. It includes the hardtail (having suspension on the front, not on the rear). It has total endurance capacity. It is also designed for off-road riding. In Today’s article, we will discuss essential products to clean a mountain bike and also learn how to clean a mountain bike.

Mountain bikers go after the hurdles and look at the world of nature in rough and challenging plains and areas, unlike the road bikers. Mountain biking is also known as a total workout activity. For mountain bike riders, it is necessary to keep helmets, riding gloves, knee pads, glasses, water packs, and elbow pads.

Essential Products to Clean a Bike?

Bike Cleaning Products

To clean the bike, there are Some Essentials needed. Because without them, the bike will not be clean. The requirements are as follows:

  • Hot Water
  • Hose or bucket
  • Brushes
  • Stand for work
  • Chemicals like KOH and NaOH to remove grease
  • Rag
  • Lubricant for chain
  • Fluid to wash the bike
  • Chammy leather

How to Clean a Mountain Bike (Complete Steps)

It is a fizz kill feel about cleaning a bike after riding. Cleaning bikes is vital because while riding, many dust particles enter the wheels or gears of the bike. Following are some steps to clean the bike:

The Bike Should Be Dirty:

The first step to cleaning the bike is that it should be dirty. Some people clean bike again and again even when it is not contaminated. Doing this reduces the impact and shine of the cycle. Busting the scrub makes the bike frame rough. It gives more damage while washing it frequently. But if genuinely your bike is dirty after the ride, make sure to clean it properly.

The Appropriate Place To Wash:

People having some space like a hose in their homes can easily wash their bike. But some people living in flats and hostilities it is difficult for them to clean their cycle. But this problem is solved by having the washing stand consisting of trail systems which means they wash their bike, adjusting their bicycle right on the line head. If the trail system does not work for you, you can head over the bike to the nearby shop.

Brushing and Rinsing:

Brushing is an essential step in cleaning the mountain. When you ride in the mountains, there are more chances to get dirt on the frame because of the muddy surfaces.

So, the mouth side of the brush makes it easy to clean deeply. You should adequately pick out all the dirt or mud from the bike.

After brushing, with the help of a water pipe or utensil having some hot water, you should rinse your bike. Rinsing is the best way to remove out the mud. Be careful that the water pressure is not too high for the areas of bearings.

Always stand at a distance so that the pressure is not tremendous. But if you need to go close to the cycle, lower the pressure like a mist to clean appropriately.

 Bike Scrubbing:

The scrubbing of the bike includes the chemicals like KOH, NaOH, or soap. For scrubbing, use a large brush so it will take less time and do deep cleansing. The soap or chemical removes the grease internally which it is hard to clean. If you don’t want to go for a long wash, you can only skip the soap and give chemical scrub. It also works pretty well.

Chain Cleaning:

Clean the chain correctly. It gives a better look to the bike. While riding, it provides impact with other parts. It enhances your speed as well.

Clean Covering and Other Parts:

Make sure to get all the dirt out of the covering. Clean the rings of the chain correctly. Be careful about the chainset and clean it too correctly.

Dry the Bike:

Drying is also a vital step to clean the mountain bike. It prevents rusting during the ride. If you are in a hurry to go, you should take care of your chain and bolts.

Try to knock out the water from the head. It won’t be accessible to some extent. But protect the chain from a big problem like rusting.

Giving Lubrication To The Chain:

After drying the bike, give it full lubrication. Lubricant like oil is used for it. The lubing parts include a chain as wells as all other moving parts. Due to lubrication, the bike will move smoothly. Keep in mind to remove extra lubricant after it is absorbed in all the elements perfectly.

Frequently Asked Question!

After how much time mountain bike should be washed?

It would be best if you cleaned your mountain bike after every problematic ride. If you have a ride in a muddy area, then it should be cleaned after that ride. But when you ride on a smooth road, it is not necessary to wash your bike.

Are accessories expensive for cleaning a bike?

No, essentials are not much expensive. You can buy it easily in an optimal amount.

Is it difficult to find the tools for mountain bikes?

It is not difficult to find the tools for cleaning your mountain bike. It is often available in your nearby shop.

Which step can we skip during bike wash?

If you are in a hurry, you can skip the scrubbing of your mountain bike. It will not affect the working of your work. But it enhances the impact of your cycle.

Is it necessary to wash brushes again and again while washing?

When you are cleaning the bike, it is important to clean your brush also because it can insert the dirt again into the parts of a bike.


Mountain bikes are used on bumpy and rough roads. It can move on a muddy surface as well. For better working of the mountain cycle, you should clean it correctly. Lubrication also provides smoothness and gives a pleasant feel to the rider.

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