How To Measure Bike Wheel Size

How to Measure Bike Wheel Size

Do you know how to measure bike wheel size? What to do before replacing a bicycle wheel if you don’t know the size? If you are an owner of such a vehicle, and you don’t have accurate information, then what’s the point of owning it? Can you take care of your vehicle, or can you manage it if needed?

Don’t worry

It’s not a big deal. I am here with all the information that you need to know while purchasing or replacing tires for your bike.

Bike tire sizes are marked according to the standard ETRTO(European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) system. However, the French and English tire measuring system is also still in use.

Furthermore, it should be clear in your mind which bike you are measuring, i.e., MTB bike wheel or Road Wheels.

For Mountain Bike Wheels, we use inches as standard for wheel sizing. Whether for the Road Bikes ISO measuring system is generally considered.

Methods for Measuring Bike Wheel Size

These are the possible methods for measuring a bike wheel size.

  • Tire marking printed on wheels
  • Manually by yourself
  • Check manufacturer site
  • Check the user manual of the bike
  • Contact the local bike shop from where you bought it

Tire Marking Printed on Wheels

The first of the most convenient and easy-to-use methods to find out bike wheel size is their ETRTO markings. Most tires are marked with this standard wheel size which mentions the inner diameter and width of the tire.

The first two numbers show the tire’s width in mm, while the last three numbers indicate the inner tire diameter. For instance, you have the marking 47-622 that shows the Swytch wheel 622 is the right fit for your tire.

After finding this marking on the tire (if it is not faded by the time), you can easily find a replaceable spare for your bike. Besides this, English and French systems are also used in some cases but are not more familiar.

Rim size may be found written in different ways, i.e., inches, as Diameters x Width (For Example 28× 175). Furthermore, if you find 28/700C/29er labeling, then don’t worry; this is also the same ETRTO size 622.

26 and 20 Wheel Sizes

Wheel sizes 20 and 26 come in two variables but to differentiate, and they are written in different styles to differentiate. Mostly ETRTO 559 for 26 wheel size and ETRTO 406 for wheel size 20 is typical. Their width is wri5en in decimals.

While ETRTO 590 for wheel size 26 and ETRTO 451 for wheel size 20 are rare. Their width is written as fractions.

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Manually By Yourself!

Another way to measure a bike wheel size is by measuring using a measuring tape.

  • To do this, First of all, place the tape from the center of the wheel to the inner edge of the tire(your bike should be placed with a kickstand or leaned against the wall).
  • Note this in mm his is the inner radius of the tire.
  • Now, multiply the radius by two; this is the diameter of the rim.
  • Then subtract 10mm from the diameter.
  • Finally, match your results with the wheel sizes; they should be within ± 3mm this is the custom size of your bike’s wheel.

Check Manufacturer Site

Most bikes have their wheel size marked on the side of the tire. After finding this ETRTO number, you can find out quickly what your bike’s wheel size is, but if you don’t find it or it has faded, then another option is to check out the manufacturer site of your bike.

Most sites update necessary information regarding their products, or you can also contact customer support service to find out the solution.

Check the User Manual of the Bike

Likewise, If you are not aware of the technology or can not contact customer support via the internet for other reasons, another accessible and reachable method is to check your user manual, which came along with your bike. Here you can find the wheel size and other necessary information regarding spare parts etc.

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Contact the Local Bikes Shop

Furthermore, if you couldn’t find the size using all the above methods, then one thing you can try. Yeah, there is always a path if you don’t lose hope.

You can quickly get information about how to measure bike wheel size from local shops which deal with such vehicles, or you can take your bike to them and leave the rest of the work on them.

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FAQs Regarding How to Measure Bike Wheel Size

How do choose tire sizes for kids?

For the right fit of wheels for your kid’s bike sizing, you should consider two things mainly. Number one, the height and health of your kid, and secondly, the manufacturer sizing guide. Following both of these two factors, you can get a right-sized wheel option for your kid’s bike.

Furthermore, make sure your child can reach the handlebars easily. Heavy wheels can be rugged for a child to manage.

What is the standard bike wheel size?

Most bikes’ wheels come in ranges from 26 inches (or 559 mm) to 29 inches(or 622 mm). Bikes having 24 inches wheels are kid’s bikes while 26 for adults.

However, some bikes also are customized with 30mm heels for oversized frames.

Final Thought

Finally, I think I have fetched up all the necessary information regarding measuring the bike wheel size, and now you can easily measure the wheels of your bike wheels. I was hoping you wouldn’t get confused or overwhelmed by the world of information. I rest assured you are at the right place to get your required information.

Now hold the tape and measure by yourself or choose any one of the provided options. It’s all your choice.

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