How To Remove Coaster Brake

How to remove coaster break

Coaster brakes are a type of braking system found on a bicycle, which makes it easier for the rider to stop and start. Coaster brakes are typically installed on children’s bikes because they are much easier to operate than hand brakes.

Bicycles that run too quickly may need too much power to come to a stop. Relying only on the hand brakes is neither sensible nor safe. They may not always apply enough power to bring the whole bicycle to a stop effectively. It needs modifications, often in the style of coaster brakes. Coaster brakes are modified brakes that connect to the back wheels of a regular bicycle. They, unlike hand brakes, are operated by putting force on the bicycle’s pedals rather than the hands.

Although such brakes are important to the bicycle’s performance, they may not always be needed. Moreover, after they have served their purpose, they must be removed from the bicycle entirely. To perform that, you must first understand how to remove coaster brake. We’ve put up this article to assist you. Simply follow the steps outlined below, and it’ll be removed in no time!

Easy Steps to Remove Coaster Brakes

Collect the Materials

As usual, begin by collecting the essentials for removing coaster brakes. These are the fundamental tools of the profession as well as the safety gear that will be required for the task. You’ll need to have a hammer, spanner, jumpsuits, torque wrench, an apron, as well as a face shield.

These are the tools you will need to complete the task and secure yourself. It’s necessary to pay close attention to the features of the coaster brake you’re considering so that you can choose the best one for the task.

Set up your working area

Proceed to the next step, which is to arrange the working area. By planning the working area, we imply restricting it from third-party access and interference. It can come in a variety of shades and shapes. If you have kids, try asking them to go to a more distant region.

Furthermore, it’s often recommended that you install a yellow stripe all-around the working area to unintentionally keep any outsiders from wandering in. Usually, this strip must be followed by signs that say ‘Stay Away’ or ‘Work – In – process.’

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Adjust the wheel as needed.

You should now begin the removal of the coaster brake. Place the back wheel on your thigh to accomplish this. Lift the coaster brake arm and place it in the 4 o’clock position at this point. That’s the best position because it enables you to impact the full length and width of the bicycle while being relaxed and secure.

Take Off The Dust Cover

A dust cover is located in the upper part of the coaster brake. Its purpose is to protect the braking system from dust and some other external substances that might cause damage and corrosion. To detach the dust cover, you must generally loosen its locknut with a wrench.

The cone screw should be used first, followed by the tiny ball retainer to unscrew correctly. Put the lid separately so that you can then readily access the coaster brake. After that, remove the hub’s shell from the system. While doing this, hold the brake shoes to keep them from slipping off the coaster brakes.

Use the Wrench

You should now bring in the wrench while the coaster brake is on your thigh. That’s the gadget you’ll need to remove the brake’s numerous components. Put it on the bolt at the 7 o’clock position. Keep the wrench tightly in position with your left hand.

Hit the brake arm with a hammer, a pipe, or even a wrench large enough like a lever in the opposite direction as that of the wrench, usually clockwise. When you’re doing this, rotate the wrench counter-clockwise. This combination of methods will undoubtedly produce a more accurate result at a faster rate.

Remove Everything

Now that the coaster has been loosened, you may and should unscrew the coaster-brake hub. It will demand unscrewing everything that connects to the hub from one end of the wheel to another. Take your time and be careful when you accomplish this.

The slowness serves to make it easier to maintain control of specific parts and components of the coaster brake. If feasible, record a video of the components when they come off the major hub. It’ll aid in re-assembly when you have completed your removal.

Loosen The Axle Bolts On Your Brakes

Now that you’ve removed all of the tiny parts and pieces, it’s necessary to release the axle bolts on the brakes. You’ll have to utilize the cone wrench to spin the whole axle. It should go into the right cone of the brake system.

In this manner, the bicycle’s reaction arm will lock the left cone. To remove the coaster brake properly, rotate the axle immediately. To perform the exact thing to the right cone, you will need to repeat the whole procedure to the right side. Because removing a coaster brake is a tricky procedure, you will need to depend heavily on the company’s manual that comes with the bicycle in question.

Spin The Square Projection

The technique described above is for the single brake system. If you have a multiple-braking system, you must take a relatively unique method or technique. It demands rotating the square projection just at the end of the axle.

Put The Other Wheels Together

After you’ve detached the coaster brakes, you can proceed to assemble the other wheel components. We said before that you should record the full procedure on camera. Stick to the same videos to securely reassemble all parts and components.

After securely securing the components in place, tighten the nuts with the wrench once more. Keep it quite tight to avoid it from sliding off while the bicycle is in action or becoming irritable when being ridden from one location to another.

Why Are Coaster Brakes Problematic On Kid’s Bicycles?

Coaster brakes on kids’ bicycles are troublesome for four reasons.

  • Stopping reliability is lower when compared to hand brakes.
  • Loss of the ability to cycle backward in order to recover stability
  • Trouble in putting the pedals in “start” mode
  • When the chain fails, all braking powers are lost.

Final Words

Our thorough and detailed study on how to remove coaster brakes comes to an end now. We are now confident in your ability to complete the task. Actually, the sort of information we’ve generously provided has brought impressive results.

It indicates that if you completely follow them, you will get the same advantages. We suggest that you use the information as soon as possible. Best wishes as you take your first important step!

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