How to Remove Rust From Bike Chain?

How to Remove Rust from bike Chain

Whether you are an avid biker or new to biking; it is always a challenging task and sooner or later rust will appear on your bike chain. This can severely undermine the functioning of your bike by causing severe damage to the bike components. So, why not get rid of it? So We will explain How To Remove Rust From bike chain.

Are you struggling to get a smooth bike ride and not enjoying the ride as you used to do it before? Then, it’s a wake-up call and you need to check the rust on your bike and remove it if you find it. Though it can be demanding no matter how hard you try. The rust particles can reappear on your bike even after its cleansing. However, this article will enlighten you about how to properly remove rust from the bike chain to make it rust-free and clean. Why not read this article till the end to gather proven and tested ways of removing rust from the bike chain? Let’s get started

Why Does Rust Appears On Bike Chain?

Are you a rider who enjoys muddy riding in forests and wet trails? Then, you need to properly maintain your bike. If you do not clean your bike after such a ride then there is a higher probability of rust covering your bike chain. This is because when the bike chain is exposed to moisture; new chemical reactions come into play in a process known as oxidation. This oxidation process causes the metal to transform into a new form of metal known as iron oxide (rust). Rust or iron oxide is a reddish-brown oxide that is formed as a result of the iron and oxygen reaction in the presence of air or water moisture.

So, whenever rust appears on your bike chain; it is high time to remove it. Otherwise, it will ruin gear shifting and will always bother you. So, why not get rid of the rust from your bike chain by adopting some tested and proven practices? Find out them and the removal process in this article.

Tips To Remove Rust From Bike Chain

To remove rust from bike chain; it is recommended to do it step-by-step for best results. The following 7 steps will help you remove rust from bike chain without any hassles. So, let’s begin.

Introspect Your Bike’s Condition

The first step is to thoroughly examine your bike’s condition to identify the areas which need cleansing. This step will help you to know how much cleaning is required to remove the rust. Sometimes, the whole bike chain needs to be replaced. Therefore, decide by introspection method.

Before the Cleaning Procedure, Remove the chain

It is important to detach the chain before cleaning the rusted area. A good tip in this regard is to find the master link so that you can easily remove the chain from the bike.

Clean the Rusted Surface Afterward With a Degreaser and a Scouring pad.

Once the chain is separated from the bike; it helps you to have a better view of the rust and dirt particles. Wiggle the chain first and then remove unnecessary particles from it. Use a cloth piece to do the initial cleaning. After this initial cleansing; now use a degreaser and scouring pad to clean the extra rust layers on the chain. The stubborn rust will be cleaned at this step by applying some force. You can also use a toothbrush at this stage to eliminate the stubborn rust.

Soak And Scrub the Chain.

Now, soak the chain with a degreaser for at least 20 minutes. After doing this; you need to scrub the chain with lime juice and steel wool for thorough cleansing. The use of gloves is also recommended at this step to protect your hand from any harmful substances. Then, use a paper towel to clean the area and the rest of the rust, (if left any). Continue repeating this process till the rust starts fading away.

Break up Tough Rust With WD-40 and Wipe the Chain

After doing the above steps; you might notice stubborn or tough rust covering the chain. This can be broken by applying WD-40 spray. Allow this chemical to sit for a few minutes before you wipe it off.

Lubricate and Reattach The Chain As the Last Step.

Now you can reattach the bike chain and lubricate it well by applying a good quality lubricant. For reattaching the chain; you need to refasten the master link. Make sure that the chain is properly attached before you go for your ride.

Necessary Precautions To Remove Rust From Bike Chain

Though every bike chain is highly prone to rust, here are a few tips by which you can prevent rust on your bike chain. These are:

Lubricate Well

The lubricant acts as a fence between the exterior elements and the bike chain. These exterior elements also include moisture which might harm your bike chain due to rust formation. You must maintain your bike chain’s health by applying a good lubricant. It is recommended to apply a high-grade lubricant to your bike chain on a regular basis. The rust usually stays away if there is a layer of lubricant on the bike chain.

Cleaning and Drying

A pro tip is to regularly clean your bike’s chain and dry it afterward. This can be done with much ease. After you finish riding on your bike; take a few minutes off to clean up your bike’s chain. This is important to do especially if you rode into a muddy place or fear that moisture might have touched your bike chain. So, wipe off any mud or dirt that might have come across, and then dry your bike’s chain with a clean towel or washcloth. It is a great way to reduce the risk factors for developing rust on your bike.

Inspect frequently

Inspecting your bike’s chain and staying vigilant is a crucial step that can greatly help in rust prevention. Keep an eye on your bike to identify the area where rust appears. Wherever and whenever you find any rust covering; do an effort to remove it as soon as possible.

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First Of All, you need to clean the rust from the bike chain and after that, you can lubricate the chain. Lubrication of the chain helps you in smoother riding!

Does Vinegar Remove Rust From Bike Chain?

After Removing the Bike Chain you need to dip the chain in vinegar for 15 minutes. After that, You need to clean the chain and you will see the magic. Rust Will disappear from a bike chain.

Final Thoughts:

Though the rust removal process might seem a difficult task, it is actually not. You just need to stay vigilant and inspect the condition of your bike frequently to avoid rust particles lying on your bike. Some of the easiest ways for the rust removal process are discussed in this article and we hope that they will benefit you. A pro tip is to clean the rust right away rather than waiting for so long. Happy rust ending and thorough bike cleaning.

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