Testicular Pain After Bike Ride – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Testicular Pain After Bike RideTesticular Pain after bike ride is a common problem but it’s due to our riding posture. For its treatment, we have to follow the preventions given below. Bike riding is truly a great blessing in that it is a true healer for many severe and long-term diseases such as tumors, strokes, and stress, improving their muscles and keeping them healthy. However, if men keep riding it without a good bike fit, it can put them in a number of risky conditions and it may cause testicular pain after a bike ride.

After bike riding, many men have painful testicles, mild soreness, or a burning sensation in their testicles. Some men believe that the cycle may be the cause of future sexual difficulties in the form of infertility and dysfunction.

However, it is possible for a male rider to protect against such an issue and ensure comfort when riding with the proper effort. Testicular pain is a typical issue among males due to mountain biking on rough routes and long bike rides. It can be caused to a variety of factors, including those listed below, but the most typical cause is a poor bike or a faulty seat post.

Things That Cause Testicular Pain After Bike Ride

Here are the few causes that lead to testicular pain by riding a bike.

Unsuitable Saddle

You probably have heard many riders complaining about bike seat discomfort since a bad or ineffective saddle is the leading source of testicular pain. Both high and low positions can induce soreness in the testicles. In addition, the material and design of the saddle play an important role. As a result, be certain always to utilize the bike saddle to relieve tingling and testicular pain.

Fluid Accumulation In The Testis

The testicles are by far the most sensitive portion of the male body. If you’re not riding a bike in the proper posture and have fatigue or soreness in the testicles after biking, it can contribute to a range of major issues such as fluid accumulation. Other than biking, spermatoceles, varicoceles, as well as hydroceles inside your testicles can be impacted, leading to fluid accumulation and diseases. As a result, it is always a great idea to have a checkup to validate your position.

Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion occurs when the testes are coiled around the scrotum, resulting in a cessation or reduction in blood flow and also swelling and intense pain. Decreased blood flow can immediately cause significant pain, and the pain may diminish or rise but will not go away completely unless treated.


This word usually relates to any nerve injury in the body. The pudendal nerve runs between your sexual organs and anus, and its role is to convey pain signals to your testicles.

As a result, if your bike puts a lot of pressure on the pudendal nerve, it might cause discomfort in the testicles and alert you of an upcoming and unexpected problem. The pain that results from this might be felt together with numbness.


Testicular PainNow arises the question of “What precautions should be taken to avoid testicular pain when riding great distances?”

  • Appropriate saddle fit is critical if you wish to ride at leisure and without disturbance. Although, if your saddle is too small, your ischial tuberosities may slide over outside, putting more weight on the pudendal nerve and testicles. The broad and correctly fitted seat can assist you in relieving pressure on the pudendal nerve and testicles.
  • Standing out of the seat while cycling is another strategy to avoid testicular pain. When you rotate the bike’s pedals while standing out of the seat, blood may flow freely through your testicles and genitalia.
  • Last but not least, when riding, always wear tight shorts to prevent your genital parts from hurting.

Treatment of Testicle Pain

If you have testicular pain after riding a bike or testicle injury, there are two simple things you may do to alleviate pain and suffering. Usually, with adequate rest and mild icing over the afflicted area, icing can alleviate the issue. You can also take warm showers, put a cup under your scrotum, or even heat with a moist towel to relieve short-term pain.

Furthermore, avoid sitting for an extended period on the saddle’s hard surface. If this therapy does not relieve the discomfort, take some testicular pain medication. Riding a bike may be a joy and a curse if you choose to ride a bike with an improper saddle or an inadequate bike.

FAQs Related to Testicular Pain After Bike Ride

What is the ideal riding posture for avoiding testicular pain?

A simple test may be used to determine the proper location. Put your foot on the paddle and ride backward till you reach the 6 o’clock position. When your knees are bent, adjust the seat height.

Is it common to get soreness after riding?

Soreness is a frequent side effect of intensive training if you’re a novice or an expert rider who has recently begun to cover extra miles. While not every pain is harmful, it is typically an indicator that you need time to rest and allow your bones and muscles to heal in order to avoid unwanted injuries.

How can I get rid of testicular pain quickly?

Apply ice to your scrotum to lessen swelling. Take a bath in warm water. Keeping a wrapped towel beneath your scrotum will help to support the testicles when lying down. To relieve testicular pain, take over-the-counter pain medicines such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

What is the average time it takes for testicular pain to go away?

Your pain can lessen in 1 to 3 days if you receive therapy. Your issue may take up to 3 to 4 weeks to recover based on the reason for your testicular pain.  Reduce your bike riding till your pain diminishes.

Final Words

Male genital parts are the most sensitive parts of their bodies and are in charge of various functions: male fertility. On the other hand, infertility in males has nothing to do with the cycle, and according to some studies, few men encounter infertility as a result of riding.

You may have soreness that has nothing to do with riding, which is why a checkup is necessary to determine what is hurting you. As a result, it is critical to protect yourself against testicular pain by selecting the appropriate bike size, clothing, and seat for your bike.

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