What is a 29er Mountain Bike


What is a 29er Bike

If one thing appears to be in style right now, it is really 29er bikes. You have arrived at the right place if you want to learn everything about 29er mountain bikes. 29ers, a new rising mountain bike, are becoming the new benchmark in several MTB sports. So, what’re the benefits of 29-inch wheels on an MTB, and the most essential, what is a 29er bike?

This tutorial explores the 29er bike, so you get all of the knowledge you need to pick a quality 29er that fits your riding style. We have the answers to your 29er concerns. Are you ready to learn how to ride a 29er? Let’s do it.

What is a 29er Mountain Bike?

29er Mountain Bike

A 29er is simply a mountain bike with 700cc wheels, the most preferred and competent wheel size for mountain riding. “Woah!” you scream, “isn’t that shockingly closer to lycra-clad biking?” Yeah, just a little. 29er bikes are ideal for all sorts of rides, and they provide various performance advantages that can make biking simpler, quicker, and more enjoyable.

The number”29″ indicates the size of the wheels used on these bicycles. 29er bikes aim to focus on the benefits of larger rims by designing sturdier, broader road-bike-sized wheels and riding them off-road. Look at the list below for all the advantages and reasons to pedal a 29er.

History of 29er Bikes

Mountain riding grew in popularity throughout the world after beginning as a niche sport in the late 1960s. MTB was first included in the Olympic Sports in Atlanta in 1996, including cross-country races for both males and females. Mountain bikes were not quite as developed as they are today. 26-inch hardtail mountain bikes were the standard, and it was not till 1999 that Wilderness Trail Cycles developed the first real 29er.

Julien Absalon, a French mountain cyclist, made headlines when he was only one of the first MTB professionals to use 29-inch wheels on much more challenging routes in the early 21st century. 29ers and 27.5 bicycles now rule all big contests and mountain biking events worldwide.

Who Should Ride a 29er Bike?

As previously said, 29er mountain bikes offer a variety of advantages that make them perfect for both beginners and MTB experts. Many individuals can find a proper fit on a 29er bike; however, short riders have fewer size options. Why is this so?

The standover clearance is the key concern. A 29er bike is typically larger than a comparable 26-inch wheel MTB; therefore, it’ll be too tall for short bikers. Other possible issues for shorter riders include toe overlap with the bigger wheel and improper handlebar height. However, we have a guide that will help you to raise the handlebar of the Mountain Bike.

As a result, most 29ers are accessible in medium, large, as well as extra-large frames, while smaller frames and women’s specialty frames are just recently becoming popular.

Front Suspension 29er Bike

Front suspension mountain bikes are ideal for Cross Country riding, as reliability and speed over greater distances are important. The fast-rolling 29-inch wheels hold their speed quite effectively, allowing bikers to get even more out of every stroke while hitting the pedals. Such front suspension 29ers also have lighter weight frames featuring a climbing design than more downhill-focused versions.

Full Suspension 29er Bike

Using a 29er bike with full suspension and larger wheels, you will feel as if nothing is impossible. Full suspension 29ers offer a fantastic opportunity to roll over everything and maintain a balance on the most challenging trails. These bikes are ideal for terrain with sharp, tricky descents and will push your talents to greater levels.

  • Improved Traction
  • Increased “Attack Angle”
  • Greater Grip and Traction
  • a pleasant ride
  • Provides More Traction on Ascents and Descents
  • Improved Ground Clearance
  • Excellent for taller riders.
  • Heavier wheels
  • Weaker Tires
  • Speed is slower
  • More Efforts Required to Stop
  • More Effort is Required to turn

The Environmental Effect of Riding a 29er Bike

Mountain bikes with 29er wheels should be used only on approved trails. Riding a mountain bike may be dangerous to local wildlife and plants outside of specified locations.

If you use your 29er for commuting, you are also benefiting the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint!

What Should You Wear Before Riding a 29er Bike?

Riding a 29er bike across a mountain track can be a challenging experience in the elements. As a result, you will need to wear appropriate attire and safety equipment to protect yourself while still being comfortable.

Weather conditions can also have an impact on what you wear when pedaling a 29er. Biking in the wintertime or at higher elevations may need the use of layers of clothes to provide optimal comfort during the day. You may wish to consider purchasing the following items of clothing:

  1. Paddled shorts or pants
  2. Moisture-wicking cycling jersey
  3. Thermal layers
  4. Pedal-friendly footwear
  5. Gloves

Are 29er Mountain Bikes Good For Jumping?

Yes, definitely You can do jumping with your 29er mountain bike. Jumping depends on the suspension available in the bike. Bikes that have more suspensions are most suitable for jumping. If You are found of jumping and want some adventure then take benefit of our guide about the best mountain bikes for jumping.

How to shop a 29er Mountain Bike?

It’s a thrilling experience to shop for a brand-new mountain bike. It is probably to be one of the major purchases a person will make throughout their lifetime for an item that will only last that long. An MTB is a durable device that is well worth the investment.

To understand the link between bicycle durability, speed, and pricing, it’s preferable to talk about the brand and model options with a skilled sales specialist at premium bike stores. Limit your choices down to two or three models, and also be certain to do a test ride to see which one seems perfect for you.

Tournaments in Which 29er Mountain Bikes Participate

  • UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
  • Crankworx Competitions
  • UCI Mountain Bike World Championships
  • Olympic Mountain Biking
  • Enduro World Series (EWS)
  • Red Bull Rampage
  • Megavalanche Alpe d’Huez

MTB Disciplines in Which 29er Mountain Bike Are Used

  • Downhill MTB
  • Cross Country (XC) MTB
  • Enduro


To sum up, 29er bikes offer several advantages and disadvantages like every other Mountain Bike in the industry. You will now have a good idea of what is 29er bike. I hope I have answered all of your 29er-related inquiries. Use this article as a guide to determine whether a 29er bike is right for you. At the very least, renting or borrowing them is worth a chance.

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