Electric Bike Hub Motor Problems And Their Solutions

Electric Bike Motor Hub ProblemE-bikes contain two types of motors which include hub motors and mid-drive motors. A Hub motor is a motor that is probably on the front or rear side of the wheel hub. They can be direct-drive or geared. Directed-drive hub motors are the simplest ones. It tends to be more significant in diameter than the geared motor. They produce electrical energy during the braking process. It can go forward and backward with equal efficiencies. Sometimes Electric Bike Hub Motor Problems occur and in this guide, we are going to discuss their solution with easy tips.

Geared hub motors work much like the directed-drive hub motor, but the exception they have is that they are higher in speed. They are small in diameter because they do not require more diameter to generate the same energy and torque. This hub motor also includes a freewheel.

Electric Bike Hub Motor Problems and Their Solutions:

The hub motors of the e-bike can cause some critical problems while riding. So, here we will discuss those problems:

Hub Motor Ceases to Spin Under Freight:

Electric Bike Hub MotorIt is essential to check the motor with excellent output. Because sometimes, the motor stops spinning when it is under load. It is the sign of a weak engine that has no potential to work under a heavy load. The gears of the motor also slip when the load is applied to it.

So, for the e-bike, it is essential to buy an excellent working motor than the inferior one. Cheap and weak engines do not produce much power.

If your motor does not work correctly, then replace it with a new one. It can be costly but easy. After buying a new engine, the gears fault if it still can’t tolerate the load.

Because gears are drawn and slipped under the load, change the old equipment with a new one. You can change the gears by opening the motor and replacing the bags. But if you feel like you cannot do this replacement, you can take it to any professional one; will replace it for you.

Makes Noise:

Sometimes, the motor makes a grinding noise due to loose bolts, gear rusting, bearing or disc brakes. Noise is a common problem in hub motors.

Mostly, bolts are loose, enhancing the force during the motor works and making noise when continuous exertion occurs. This problem can be solved by tightening the bolts. So, then the motor can work smoothly.

If the bolts are correctly fixed, then the problem in disc brakes can make noise. You should check whether the brakes are working fine or not. Because, occasionally, even when brakes are not in use, they are thumbed, resulting in grinding noise.

Open the hub motor and check the gears; if you feel that gears are dragging or not working correctly, the problem is making noise. So, this problem can be solved by changing the old gears to new ones.

The last factor which can cause noise is bearing friction. The ball bearing in the motor can produce when conflict and not work smoothly. So, to avoid and solve this problem, give the oil lubricant to the bearing. It will reduce friction, increase efficiency and lessen the noise.

Try to apply the lubricant after some days because if friction is continuously produced, it will increase the unreal noise.

Defect In the Controller:

The battery provides energy to the electric bike, which passes through the controller. The controller of the battery is the heart of the e-bike. So, if the hub motor is not spinning well then, the problem is in the controller. Every so often, the controller is not correctly connected to the battery. So, the battery does not extract or generate energy, and it does not initiate the spinning.

It is essential to look out for the controller connection. When you will connect the controller to the battery it will start working again. After connecting, if it still not works then the controller is damaged so, you should have to buy a new one and replace the damaged one with new one. It is easily available from the local and nearby stores.

How You Can Protect The Tub Motor?

There are some tips that how can you protect the hub motor from damage or any other problem.

  • The direct-drive hub motor lasts than other motors if you avoid it to get wet. Keep the motor dry; it is a good tip to protect it for a long time.
  • Always keep the e-bike and motor clean. Because the dust goes into the engine and can resist working, it is better to keep it clean thoroughly.
  • You should take of the weather condition. It should be not extreme that it is neither too hot nor too cold because it can melt and freeze the gears and other components of the motor.
  • Use the lubricants to reduce friction. The oil lubricant will help the bearings to work smoothly. The hub motor will work for longer.
  • If there is some problem that you cannot handle yourself then to performing any experiment, take it to the professionals otherwise, it can cause damage to your motor.

Reminding you of all the above tips, protecting your motor, and keeping it away from any problem is easy.


Are Hub Motors More Efficient Than Other Motors?

Hub motors play a role in the e-bike battery. They are efficient to some extent, but mid-drive engines are more efficient than hub motors. It is considered an ordinary component of an e-bike. But it has a controller, which is essential to start a bike.

Is Hub Motor Essential in an E-Bike?

E-bikes have a battery in which the hub motor works. It is an essential part of e-bikes because the hub motor’s gears, bearings, and disc brakes are all parts. It can handle the bike if the central motor is not working efficiently. So, it has vital importance in e-bikes.

How Long Does This Motor Last?

Usually, the motor of the e-bikes lasts for 10,000 miles minimum. They act as an assistant while riding, so if you drag it for too long, it can damage the battery, and then you have to replace it. It is better to replace it when it lasts in its optimal condition.


This article elaborates on what problems we can face in a hub motor and how we can overcome it. It can make noise, stop spinning, sometimes cannot carry the load. So, you can control it by replacing the gears, disc brakes, connecting the controller, and reducing the friction. It will help your e-bike motor to function efficiently.

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