How To Improve Electric Bike Range

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Effective tips for improving electric bike range
Bike riding is a very basic, healthy exercise that people of all times can enjoy. It is inexpensive, amusing and better for our environment also. Some people get to their work or shops by cycle as they think that it is the coherent way to collaborate with their daily routine. Electric Bikes are good investments in today’s life.
In a population of 7 billion people, it is evaluated that 1 billion people use bicycle riding. In this article, we will discuss how to improve electric bike range.

How to Improve Electric Bike Range

There is a various range of bicycles. An electric bike is one of the latest versions of this. An electric bike turns up the capability to move more and it also enhances performance. It has an ever-lasting portable battery that can be recharged at any outlet in the house. It is quick and has a level to control the power with anticipation.
Electric bikes have different ranges with respect to their types. Its range means how many kilometers it goes until its battery is empty. Electric bike ranges depend on the weather conditions and surface conditions. Like in the UK due to windy weather, sometimes the range shortens than average. And on rough and tough ground, it will be more difficult to go on rather than on flattening ground.
On a normal surface, an electric bike has a speed of 18-20 km/h.

Sometimes, electric bikes may cause some problems which may affect the rider’s ability to reach their destinations. There are also calculations for the evaluation of the range of e-bikes.

How To Improve Electric Bike Range (Effective Tips):

Cog Properly:

For higher speed, it is convenient to use higher gear same as when speed is low lower gear seems to work. In case, if you need the maintenance of the battery, you should make sure the reliable gear to use. Because higher gear causes difficulty as it requires more power consumption.  An electric motor has to do more work than it needs to.

Recharge Battery Before It’s Empty:

The batteries used in electric bikes are often made of lithium-ions. For better performance, you need to charge the battery when it is 30% and next time when it is 60%. You should use alternatives to these two values for longer battery life. Always charge your battery of the bike before it is completely run out.

Keep The Aid Low:

The pedals of the electric bike work as you pedal it. The assistance of the pedal can be increased or decreased. The greater the level of aid, the greater will be the loss of power, and it will die soon. So, to keep the battery always go on with low aid.


Air resistance creates an effect on the efficiency of e-bikes. By creating the lesser Air to resist so, it will be easy to ride at a high speed. This technique is often used by professional cyclists. Because the resistance affects the working of the motor or the battery.

Fill Up The Tires: 

When the tires are not filled, it drags on the surface which can cause the bursting of a tire. An electric motor will also need more power, so to keep the bike moving you should fill the tires. And always try to use thinner tires.

Lesser The Weight:

When the weight is higher it will make it hard for the motor to work because a higher weight needs to push more. It reduces the ability to go far. So, always try to keep lesser weight on the bike.


For a smooth drive, you need to keep your bicycle clean. With smooth driving, you can cover more distance. Cleaning is necessary because when dust appears on the bicycle, its efficiency decreases. Cleaning also helps the bicycle to avoid it rusting.

Avoid the Over-Heating Of The Battery:

When the battery is used for many hours it is over-heated, which causes damage. It also reduces the efficiency of the motor. You should use it for 3-6 hours only and avoid keeping it in harsh conditions.

Oil The Chain:

Oiling the chain keeps the tires smooth and removes excess to keep them clean. It reduces the chances of tire bursts, especially in hilly and mountainous areas. Sometimes rust appears on the bike chain.

Keep Extra Battery: 

Keeping the extra battery will always double the range of e-bikes to move far. It is an easy way to deal with any problem during the ride. 

Use a Gauge:

By using a gadget, it helps you calculate the distance you have covered in watt/hour per mile. It keeps you aware of how much power you are using.

Extra Tips to Improve Electric Bike Range

Frequently Asked Questions

Why e-bikes don’t go faster?

E-bikes have their range speed limits. For safety purposes, the manufacturer installed a speed limit on the bike. Due to a lack of legal documentation like insurance & license, there is a speed limit.

What are the power ranges that an e-bike can have?

Different electric bikes have different ranges. Power ranges start from 250 Watt to 900Watts. In horsepower, it ranges from a third horsepower to 1.2 hp.

Is an electric bike easy to ride?

Of course, an e-bike is always easy to ride because it has different sizes according to different ages. It ranges from 45 to 60 pounds which can be quite easy to ride.


Here comes the solution to almost all the problems faced by a cyclist while riding. For better experiences, riders/cyclists need to follow a few instructions. Taking proper care of gear, and managing the cleanliness helps to increase the bike range. Proper lubrication, use of the battery, and motor enhance the cycling range to much extent. It will make the experience as comfortable and wonderful as you will.

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