The Complete Guide to Types of Electric Bikes

The Complete Guide to Types of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes

E-bikes are the revolution in the cycling world. It has portable batteries and motors. Ride on this two-wheeler vehicle to energize the rider. E-bikes are non-polluting, less noisy, and a source of fun and fitness. It improves the riding ability of the rider. People fond of adventure enjoy the ride on e-bikes. There are different types of electric bikes on the market!

It works as a helping hand to the rider. Because it does not consume much energy, you can go to work calmly and energetically by riding on an e-bike. Moreover, it can carry extra luggage without reducing the performance of the bike.

It is versatile in its working. You can go anywhere and pick up the things that you cannot do without the motor. It makes your life convenient. It does not require any insurance, license, or registration. It is one of the advantages it has over other automobiles.

Electric bikes are a better way to work out. It keeps you healthy while making less effort. It makes your heart rate comfortable and tissues warm. In Short, Electric Bikes are very beneficial to us.

Because of all these facilities, today electric bikes are highly in demand in all parts of the world. It is not a new technology as it has been going on since the ’90s. It was popular in the USA and some other countries, but it has gained worldwide popularity with time. Electric Bikes are considered a Good Investment. 

In the last decade, electric bikes were bulky, and less in range, but in this era, they have a wide range and are lightweight. It helps to explore the miles of roads and land. You can also check our guide about Best Electric Bikes Under $500 which is suitable for all purposes.

Types of Electric Bikes

As there is a wide range of electric bikes in the cycling world. So, there are some types of e-bikes which are as follows:

1. Speed Pedal Assist Bikes:

Speed Pedal Assist Electric BikeAs the name indicates, this type of e-bike is designed for higher speed. Due to this capability, they have considered motor vehicles but do not require a license or insurance. The only thing speed pedal e-bikes require is a helmet for the rider’s safety.

Speed Pedal Assist Bike Supports 45Km/h (28mph). This type of bike is the best one to ride on. It has an age limit of 17 or above. Pedal Assist bike provides power from the motor and help you to move faster with your minimum personal effort. You can choose the level of assistance according to your need!

Pedelec Bikes:

Pedelec Electrical Bike

It is the typical type of electric bike. This is a low-powered electric bike. The bike starts just as you pedal the wheel along with the help of the treadle. It is a standard bicycle that can be used by any person that is without an age limit. Normally it has a speed range between 25 km/h ( 16mph ) to 32 km/h ( 20mph ).

It goes on by transmitting power to the back wheel. Most probably, it is used on the road like other bikes without the requirement of a license or insurance. Even on higher gears, it goes smoothly and gives unchallenging climbs towards hills. It may or may not have throttled.

Throttle E-bikes:

Throttle e-bikes

This type of e-bikes is controlled by a throttle which moves the bike in the forward position. It also has a power of 20mph with no age limit. It works similar to a motorcycle. When you give a crank to the motor, it goes on. It provides full power without having any pedal assistance like a scooter.

It gives a relaxing ride with no further power from you. This e-bike also does not require any license, insurance, or helmet. More is the adhesiveness more you will be able to accelerate the pedal in the middle corner. When the pedal work reduces, there are more chances to run out of battery.

Throttle e-bikes are very popular in China and the USA. Batteries are a very important part of electric bikes so we have a guide that helps you to know everything about batteries.

E-bike Motors:

The most important part of an e-bike is its motor. Generally, it is located on any of the hubs (front or rear) or on mid the frame of the bike. It determines the capability and working of the drive units on motors and the operating system of the bike. E-bike motors are classified into two categories:

Hub Motors:

The hub motors on any e-bike show their capabilities in speed and to go far away. The front hub motor in the e-bike does not keep this ability. They are probably used for the crank system because it demands pedal assistance without an engine.

The whole weight is on the back wheel, so it becomes complicated for the rider to go on smoothly. So, it is the most common e-bike system.

On the other hand, the rear hub motor has two drives. One is “directed,” which is used for the high speed on hills and mountains, and the second is “geared,” which is best to carry the heavy luggage easily. Both of them also give fun, relaxation, and work out during the ride.

Sometimes a different problem arises in the hub motor of electric bikes and these problems can be solved by the easy methods that we discussed in a hub motor problem’s solution guide.

Centre drive Motors:

These motors are the center design of the e-bikes. It provides all-in-one benefits, including fun, speed, weight carrying, and going far away. It makes a choice for the riders and pedal assistance bikes over hub motors.

It has a better center of gravity and range of gears. Some examples of mid-drive motors are Yamaha, Ba Fang, Bosch, and Brose.

It can balance the weight and torque on the bike. So, it can be seen that it has more handling properties than hub motors.

The con of this motor is that it is much more expensive than hub motors. If you have to enjoy all the benefits during your ride or can afford it, you must choose it.

Classes  of Ebike Explained


Which type of electric bike is better and fast?

Speed pedal assists are better and fast than the other type of bikes. It gives a speed of 28mph and goes far away.

You can enjoy the ride over the hills on this bike. It requires low energy and gives more comfort.

How long does it take to charge the battery of an e-bike?

The e-bikes that require more pedal assistance than the motor charge the battery within 1.5 to 2 hours. The storm has lithium ions like throttle e-bikes fully charged in 3-6 hours.

Which e-bike should I buy with a hub motor or a center drive motor?

Both motors of e-bikes have their benefits. Mid-drive motors have better battery capability, and a cyclist knows to ride them better. On the other hand, hub motors are for those who have less cycling experience. To choose the best, you should take a ride and compare.


Electric bikes have changed the world of cycling. It has given comfort, joy, and fitness to the riders. The pedaling and motor assistance gives new charm to cycling. It can also increase the electric bike range. E-bikes give smoothness on the terrains and even on rough surfaces. So, to choose the best type of e-bike, it is necessary to take a ride.

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